Accessories for newborns

Accessories are not only a beautiful addition to the overall style of clothing. These are some must-haves for the safety and comfort of your baby. Miki House offers all the necessities from birth up to 12 years.




For the first days after birth, your baby will need accessories such as a hat, socks and mittens, Miki House provides these made of the finest cotton. Babies move a lot and chaotically, they can scratch themselves or open up their clothing, so it is important to secure the hands with mittens and the legs with socks. The fontanel in newborns is very exposed, so it is necessary to wear a cap after each bath, during walks and according to the overall temperature of the environment.

Mittens and hats are made with the implementation of lipidur – a moisturizer, thanks to which the fabric glides over delicate skin and does not irritate it. The outdoor winter collection is available in warmer material, zero-twist yarn and fleece.

Mittens and socks are made with very soft rubber bands, which eliminates squeezing and slipping.

All internal seams are either flat or closed and labels are sewn on the outside.

Size range: FREE (hats – 40-44, socks – 7 – 9 cm)



A simple square shape with a hoodie for the head allows you to tightly swaddle, wrap or simply cover the child like a blanket. The main idea is that you can fold the envelope yourself, based on the age and build of your baby.

All fabrics, both summer single-layer and winter multilayer are made from special elastic yarn, including untwisted yarn.

The assortment also includes elegant swaddles for christening and festive ceremonies.

Size range: ONE SIZE


Despite the popularity of disposable diapers, there are many benefits to reusable ones. Made from natural materials, the Miki House reusable diaper supports the healthy development, hygiene and comfort of your baby. The panties of the diaper are made of two layers, the outer one is made of light breathable fabric and the internal has a special treatment that does not let moisture out. The delicate cotton reduces the occurrence of diaper dermatitis to almost zero. Therefore, this option is especially recommended for babies with hypersensitive skin.

The inner diaper liners are available in two versions. The first one is a very traditional mesh fabric that you can fold yourself, the second one includes ready-made liners in a set of 5 pieces. The fabric of both options is infused with antibacterial tea tree oil.

Contrary to stereotypes, these diapers are low maintenance, machine washable and the most environmentally friendly option. Another two especially important advantages of these diapers are that they help establish the first contact of the baby with the mother faster and they make it easier for the child to get potty trained.

Size range: 50 – 80 cm


One of the unique accessories from the Miki House collection is the absorbing back pad. The back pad is a piece of fabric that has a special cut, processing and layers corresponding to the season and air temperature, absorbing excess moisture from the back of the child.

Why is this important? Because children often sleep:

  1. Newborns mostly on their backs
  2. In a stroller
  3. In a car seat

The number of sweat glands in an infant is different from that of an adult. After nine months in the womb, the baby’s first nutrition for up to six months is mainly a large amount of fluid, so the excess moisture from such nutrition is released with sweat. Wet clothes, especially the back, can easily provoke hypothermia and illness. The absorbing back pad that you take out when the child is sweating leaves the clothes dry, preventing this.

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