Feeding your newborn

The first contact between a mother and a newborn occurs immediately after birth, during breastfeeding. Feeding a baby is a very intimate process. In the first days and months of a child’s life, communication with the mother is formed through sleep, bathing, and, most importantly, feeding. So that nothing distracts mother and baby from the emotions they experience at these moments, starting from the first days of life and up to when the child begins to eat on his own, Miki House has thought through all the necessary items and accessories to the smallest detail. From the first bottles, nipples, bibs, and nursing pillows to dishes and high chairs. All this, like any other product of Miki House, is made in collaboration with leading companies that narrowly specialize in the production according to the specific group of products, taking into account new technologies and developments to guarantee high quality and safety to their customers.


When preparing for the birth of a child, bottles should be the first items on the list of must-haves. Miki House offers two types of bottles. The plastic model, which is famous for its special shape, was created in collaboration with the Japanese company Dr. Betta, developed by American pediatricians, and manufactured in Japan. Each bottle is handmade and its uniqueness lies in these three main aspects:

  1. The child remains in the same posture as when they were breastfed. This means milk does not enter the auditory tube, preventing ear diseases.
  2. The bottle helps to avoid swallowing air. The bubbles are directed upward along the curve of the bottle, which minimizes burping.
  3. The baby can drink in a naturally elevated position which prevents milk from entering the respiratory tract.

The bottle is made of a new generation material – PPSU Polyphenylsulfone, the most heat-resistant and high-strength plastic. This material can withstand temperatures up to 180 degrees, which allows you to safely heat, boil, and sterilize the bottle. The durability of this plastic reduces scratching to zero, making the bottle as still as possible and preventing bacteria from entering. PPSU is commonly used in the manufacture of modern medical instruments.

As proof of its high quality, this bottle has won the Kids Design Award and Good Design Award.

The bottles are available in two volumes: 240 ml and 150 ml.

The glass version of the bottle has a traditional shape, made of borosilicate glass. It is resistant to low (up to -80°C) and high temperatures (up to +525°C), as well as damage and dirt. Such glass does not react to chemicals and most organic compounds, so it is used for the manufacture of laboratory glassware, optics, and surgical instruments. The bottle has a special notch on the top, according to which you can easily determine the correct feeding angle, which eliminates the swallowing of air.

This bottle also won the Kids Design Award.

The bottles are available in two volumes: 240 ml and 160 ml.

Both types of bottles come with specially shaped interchangeable nipples.


Depending on the age and habits of your baby, Miki House offers several nipple options that are compatible with our bottles.

The cross-cut nipple model allows the gap for milk to open per the movement of the baby’s mouth. This model is ideal for newborns while breastfeeding. The slightly soft tip and nipple mechanism mimic the feel of a mother’s breast.

The standard nipple with a round hole will also work for milk and formula. Since the nipple is made of silicone, it is durable, odorless and does not deform.


Miki House recommends using a nursing pillow when feeding for the mother and baby’s convenience and comfort. The nursing pillow is available in two versions.

The nursing pillow has a little bear head illustration and is perfect for newborns and babies up to six months. The Kuma fabric used as the cover is hygroscopic and absorbs the baby’s sweat during feeding.

The pillow is easy to secure on the mother’s arm using Velcro. The baby’s head can then be comfortably positioned since the shape of the pillow has a notch.

The moment when your child is able to hold their head on their own, you can switch to a banana-shaped pillow. It is larger in size and provides equal comfort of both the child and the mother. The baby’s position in this pillow prevents cramps and makes it easy to relax and fall asleep after a meal.

The filler in the pillows has soft, ultra-thin polystyrene foam balls with a diameter of about 0.8 mm. The pillow comes with a pillowcase cover made of highly elastic fabric. The materials are selected so that they create no static electricity.


Miki House offers a very wide selection of bibs, from breastfeeding to self-feeding. A bib is a necessary accessory for your baby, regardless of the type of feeding. Since newborns sleep a lot, sometimes even during feeding, we offer bib sets without fasteners to not disturb the baby’s light sleep. From the moment a baby starts teething it is necessary to wear a bib constantly. For this, a wide range of options is presented with beautiful designs and an inner waterproof fabric. As soon as the first foods other than breastmilk are introduced to the baby, larger models of bibs with pockets for fallen food are needed. All types of bibs have a variety of designs and models, some with pockets and others even have sleeves. Pureveil bibs are now available in a wider range.

Composition: Fabric- 75% cotton, 25% polyester; Plastic- 100% polyester


In order for the child to learn to eat on their own faster and gain interest in their meals, Miki House has thought through all the necessary utensils to the smallest detail so that the whole process becomes easy and fun. Every item corresponds to the size and development of the baby.

We offer spoons for the first feeding, the first spoon and fork for independent eating and more mature cutlery. Plates also vary as meals change. Everything is made of very light, heat-resistant, safe plastic in a beautiful design and convenient sizes.

Miki House has also taken care of mothers, offering all the most convenient tools for preparing and storing baby’s first food. The plates and utensils are offered in sets labeled: step1, step2, step3, corresponding to the development and needs of the baby. Any individual item can be added to any of the sets if needed. For older children, plates made of a combination of ceramics and plastic, or durable ceramics are offered, in addition to a range of all the necessary cutlery.


Already from 6-7 months, your baby will need a high chair. Miki House offers a high chair model with a comfortable soft back and a secure structure. The high chair was produced in collaboration with the Italian company Pali, a 4-generation furniture manufacturer specializing in children’s wooden furniture production.

The chair is made of European beech wood, specially treated with antibacterial varnish, and all edges have a rounded, safe shape.

This chair is suitable for children up until 1.5 years old.


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