First Clothes (Babywear) For Newborn

MIKI HOUSE baby wear is designed to meet the needs of mothers and fathers who want to do whatever they can to make their babies as comfortable as possible. Baby wear is the first item of clothing most newborns wear. An infant’s skin is roughly one millimeter thick. At half the thickness of an adult’s, it has yet to develop much resistance to external stimuli. In order to protect this delicate skin, MIKI HOUSE baby wear emphasizes functionality, the use of specially selected finest materials, technology and special stitching.

Dressing your newborn


Gentle underwear is very important for a baby’s delicate skin. The skin of a baby is only half as thick as the skin of an adult. It is as soft as the skin on our eyelids and very, very delicate. Hadagi and Hadagi-combi have two lengths, with sleeves and sleeveless. The short model is designed for especially warm seasons. The long model is ideal first underwear for all seasons, especially cool and winter periods.

The kimono-style Hadagi is a unique model for a newborn. This model is designed to be optimally easy to put on, wear and take off. Thanks to the cut of this underwear, Hadagi are easy to adapt to the body of a growing child. As mentioned newborns are very fragile, their skin is very thin and they produce more sweat because they have the same number of sweat glands as adults considering their size. Miki House Hadagi has hygroscopic and antibacterial properties that help keep the skin of newborns clean and dry, which is extremely important. Since the skin of a newborn is less than a millimeter thick, it is very important that nothing irritates it. Therefore, Hadagi is made from a single piece of material and does not have any seams. The trim is made using a special “flat” seam technology, and all labels are sewn on the outside. The armholes on this model are sewn in a three-dimensional structure, which would allow a baby to move freely. Due to the uniqueness of the model, you can wrap the child in Hadagi and adjust the ties depending on the height and fullness of the baby.

Hadags, Hadagi-combi are made from the most technologically advanced and high-quality materials, some of which have different densities, which helps to choose the right fabric depending on the season.

Size range: 50 – 60 cm


One of the unique developments is the Pureveil collection – a “clean veil” that gently swaddles the baby’s skin, guaranteeing reliable protection.
Pureveil was created in collaboration with Kurabo, a leader in the development of materials using nanotechnology.

In the production process we use natural cotton and Etak substance, which is 99% protective against viruses and bacteria hence it is absolutely safe.

Etak is used in mouthwashes and even in contact lens solutions. Nanotechnology has made it possible to incorporate it so deeply into the fabric that it will remain there even after 50 washes.


Miki House has chosen La Morfet fabric, that was developed by Shikibo Co., Ltd, to give special care to children with hyper sensitive skin and skin that is prone to allergies.

Other materials undergo certain necessary chemical treatments and prossesing, this is done to give the fabric softness, strength, color and shine. These reagents are likely to cause skin irritation, which is precisely how the idea of the “La Morfet” collection came to be. La Morfet is made from Supima cotton fiber (which requires minimal processing as it is soft, durable, absorbent, elastic and shiny) and the substances used in the remaining steps are patented by the Nakayama Dermatology Clinic. Repeated patch tests have confirmed that the production of these reagents and the method itself were hypoallergenic and the safest possible for you baby. It is the best material available for children with atopic dermatitis.

This product won the Kids Design Award in 2017, sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan.


Non-twisted yarn is made from high-quality extra-long cotton fibers. The fabric of this yarn is very fluffy, soft and gentle on the baby’s skin. Its high absorbency keeps your baby’s skin clean and dry. The plain twisted yarn becomes denser with each wash. The unique untwisted structure used in this collection prevents leakage which allows it to maintain its original softness and shape over time. Products from this yarn have a smooth shiny appearance due to extra long fibers.


The perfect balance of rains, dry seasons and tropical winds permits the ideal climate to produce the finest cotton in the world and there is no place with more suitable weather conditions than in the Caribbean. It is where the unique Sea Island cotton, which is also called the “precious stone” of fibers, is carefully grown and produced. “Sea Island” cotton is soft, beautiful and very delicate. To obtain the natural softness and first-rate qualities of this cotton, it is left to grow naturally and harvested by hand, without the use of machines.

Sea Island cotton production is less than 1/100,000 of the world’s total cotton production. Such a rare raw material requires strict quality control of its application. The use of this cotton in children’s clothing is only allowed for the Miki House brand.

Compared to more common kinds of cotton, Sea Island’s average fiber length is incredibly long, producing a soft and durable yarn. The high oil content of the fibers gives cotton the softness of cashmere and the sheen of silk. It is the perfect material for a baby’s sensitive skin.


Simple and high quality, MIKI HOUSE Organic uses only organic cotton, grown and processed to strict standards.

We sincerely care about the safety of your baby.

Our organic products have been tested for compliance with international organic textile standards conducted by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), which require strict control over all stages of production from the moment of growing cotton, spinning method, packaging, distribution and delivery of products.

Miki House’s organic cotton fabric is extraordinarily soft. Adagi made from it, the first underwear is especially recommended for the delicate skin of a newborn.

All MIKI HOUSE Organic products are certified by international certification organizations ECOCERT and CONTROL UNION.


Wool has protective properties similar to the immune function of the skin.

Miki House has created an ultra-fine fiber material with a special “drapery” weave. This ensures high moisture absorption and comfortable body temperature regardless of the season. This means keeping warm in winter and keeping cool in summer.

The clothes from this collection do not cause itching thanks to the processing of the fabric and are perfect for babies with ultra-sensitive skin.

COSMORAMA wool is durable and creates the least possible amount of shrinkage and pilling.


After the first months of your baby’s life, underwear is replaced by a bodysuit. A bodysuit is an essential piece of clothing for a baby, it allows the back and stomach to always be covered. Miki House bodysuits are distinguished by a particularly comfortable cut – a spacious, comfortable neckline, enough space for any baby’s size and, of course, a diaper. Easy-to-use button closure. To create these clothes, Miki House uses the best natural materials and production technologies.

All fabrics are soft, highly elastic and hygroscopic, designed to keep your baby warm and comfortable. For safety, all products undergo antivirus and antibacterial procedures. The seams are closed with fabric and the labels are sewn on the outside. The body series can be seen in the Pureveil knitwear collection.

Size range: 60 – 90 cm


With the overalls, Miki House continues sharing the same idea as with ​​underwear, taking into account the emotional and physiological fragility of the child, meaning, you do not need to dress, just wrap the baby in fabric, and fasten the buttons in front without causing unnecessary anxiety to the baby.

Babies sleep a lot, move in their sleep and sweat. The overalls are made of moisture-absorbing fabrics, with open arms and legs. This is done specifically so that during their sleep you would be able to change their socks without disturbing the child (since the legs sweat the most). The open legs model is also important so that the baby can adapt to the temperature of the room by having their feet bare.

Miki House provides different fabrics for different pastimes of the child: thinner cotton is used for sleep and wakefulness, and denser cotton for walks on the street. Taking into account the baby’s skin type and the personal preferences of parents, Miki House has expanded the collection of overalls with the best fabrics – Pureveil (antibacterial); Organic Cotton (the most fluffy and eco-friendly); Sea Island (the most gentle and soft).

Size range: 50 – 80 cm

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