For the mother

Miki House’s philosophy relies on the concern for the comfort and safety of the whole family. When producing our line of products for newborns, Miki House did not forget about young parents. The assortment below offers necessary products, thanks to which mothers can save time by taking care of their babies as effortlessly and efficiently as possible.


The perfect bag for a mother is a necessary accessory that will come in handy from the birth of a baby and for several years to come. We offer a fairly wide range of models of bags in small and large sizes, including backpacks for mothers who may lead a more active lifestyle. This bag’s unique functions offer spaciousness, a sufficient number of pockets, a comfortable handle, and fasteners. In terms of design, this accessory should be minimalistic and suitable for any style of clothing or type of activity. The Miki House Mother Bag is made from super lightweight fabrics that are easy to wash, carry, and fold. It is versatile with a large number of compartments, pockets for bottles, documents, often with small thermal pockets, and a special waterproof pad for swaddling. It easily accommodates everything that the baby and mother could need.


For the first year and a half, your child will use diapers. When you are at home, you have the possibility to wash the baby after each bowel movement. But, when you are on a walk or traveling, you need to make sure to have enough diapers, wipes, and barrier cream on hand constantly. For this purpose exactly, Miki House has developed a very roomy but, at the same time, compactly organized bag. It has many compartments, small pockets to store wipes, creams, pacifiers, and a large capacious section for diapers. The volume of this bag allows you to bring a change of clothes with you for emergencies. The inner fabric is waterproof, while the outer fabric matches the minimalistic design of the other bags for mothers. The fabric, as always, is easy to wash.



Every time you travel or visit the doctor, you must have your baby’s medical book with you. For this purpose, a purse was created for the convenience of having all your child’s documents collected in one place. At each visit to the doctor, or additional examinations, you will have a very comfortable and stylish clutch bag that can be hung over your shoulder. Inside are sufficient compartments for a medical book, cards, passports, or any other children’s documents. The design also matches every line of the mother accessories.


Water and other drinks for your child are a must-have when you leave the house. For this, it is very convenient to have a case made of heat-retaining and liquid-resistant material. The baby bottle case is presented in several versions that offer space for one bottle or multiple ones, with additional pockets for mixtures, boxes for snacks, cutlery, and napkins. It is designed to make the covers easy to open, wash, and carry around.


A novelty in the Miki House skincare series is a body lotion designed for the comfort of the expectant mother during pregnancy:

  • We paid special attention to the hydration this product gives by adding natural ingredients and oils.
  • Like all Miki House cosmetics, the cream has been tested for allergic reactions, so it can also be used for children.
  • Same as in the children’s skincare series, it does not contain the major 8 irritating components.
  • We recommend you use this product even after childbirth as it will help the skin recover quickly and maintain health.


Miki House recommends using a nursing pillow when feeding for the mother and baby’s convenience and comfort. The nursing pillow is available in two versions.
The nursing pillow has a little bear head illustration and is perfect for newborns and babies up to six months. The Kuma fabric used as the cover is hygroscopic and absorbs the baby’s sweat during feeding.

The pillow is easy to secure on the mother’s arm using Velcro. The baby’s head can then be comfortably positioned since the shape of the pillow has a notch.

The moment when your child is able to hold their head on their own, you can switch to a banana-shaped pillow. It is larger in size and provides equal comfort for both the child and the mother. The baby’s position in this pillow prevents cramps and makes it easy to relax and fall asleep after a meal.

The filler in the pillows has soft, ultra-thin polystyrene foam balls with a diameter of about 0.8 mm. The pillow comes with a pillowcase cover made of highly elastic fabric. The materials are selected so that they create no static electricity.


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