Spring is a beautiful time; the warm sun comes out, and flowers start blooming, but we can’t forget about the insects that are especially aggressive at this period.Сlothing can act as a barrier between children’s skin and parasites. A series of smart outerwear Miki House from the spring-summer collection has a special coating based on permethrin, a natural insecticide. It effectively repels parasites while remaining harmless to the baby’s skin. For example – a parka with protection against insects.

Here are some unique qualities of permethrin:

  1. Pyrethroids are synthetic compounds that act like natural extracts from the chrysanthemum flower, which are known for repelling annoying insects. Permethrin is an antiparasitic agent that “knocks out” insects after contact with the parka.
  2. Permethrin is odorless and does not absorb into the skin, so it is safe for babies and pregnant women.
  3. Permethrin coating is effective even after 70 washes. The protection will work until you take the parka to the dry cleaner.
  4. Made from SZ-Tenjiku fabric (SZ stands for alternating right and left crossed stitches), this parka will keep your baby cool.

You can get acquainted with the range of products created using this technology HERE. You may also contact us, and we will be happy to introduce you to the technological innovations of MIKI HOUSE!

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