At the end of 2012, MIKI HOUSE and MIZUNO, an expert in producing high-tech sports goods, announced their collaboration. Both global brands have a long history and have worked hard to establish prominence in the given fields. Thanks to this collaboration, a very special collection of shoes for future athletes was created.

Miki House is a leading Japanese manufacturer of premium clothing, footwear, and accessories for children. Our products are renowned for their irresistible design, uncompromising quality, and fine Japanese craftsmanship. Mizuno’s decades of experience as a specialist in stability running shoes are integrated into the flawless design and functionality of Miki House children’s shoes. All the company’s products are carefully thought out to the smallest detail, considering the recommendations of child psychologists and pediatricians and, most importantly, designed specifically for children.

Miki House makes footwear that follows the shape of a child’s foot and provides enough space for the toes. The proper grip makes slipping difficult while still providing the feeling of being barefoot, which encourages foot growth and better body balance. Particular attention has been paid to materials endowed with ventilation properties, thanks to which the shoes are perfectly breathable, preventing sweating.

A vital feature of the new collaboration is the special removable “Healthy Growth” insole, which provides extra support for the foot and makes it easier to choose the right size. Thanks to the two zones, red and beige, you can quickly determine if the shoes suit your child. If the fingers touch the beige zone, then the shoes fit you. If the toes reach the red part, the shoes are too small. Finally, the shoes are too big if the fingers do not touch the beige zone.

You can get acquainted with the range of products created using this technology HERE. You may alsocontact us, and we will be happy to introduce you to the technological innovations of MIKI HOUSE!

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