Cotton “Sea Island” is soft, beautiful, and very delicate. In order to obtain the natural softness and superior characteristics of cotton, it is left to grow naturally, and the bolls are harvested by hand, without the use of machines.

It takes the perfect balance of rains, dry seasons and tropical winds to produce the finest cotton in the world, and there is no place with more suitable weather conditions than in the Caribbean. It is there that the unique Sea Island cotton, also called the precious stone of fibers, is carefully grown and produced.

Unique cotton

Sea Island cotton accounts for less than 1/100,000 of the world’s total cotton production. Such a rare raw material requires strict quality control for its usage. The right to use this cotton in the production of children’s clothing is only currently allowed for the MIKI HOUSE brand.

Exceptional Features

Even compared to more common kinds of cotton, Sea Island’s average fiber length is incredibly long, producing a soft and durable yarn. The high oil content of the fibers gives cotton the softness of cashmere and the sheen of silk. And it’s perfect for a baby’s sensitive skin.

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