Stetco technology is the perfect solution for a chilly summer day.
Children’s underpants made with Stetco technology softly fit the body and give a feeling of refreshing comfort.

Stetco technology is characterized by four qualities:

  1. The soft and silky surface gently coats the thighs giving a feeling of freshness.
  2. Touching the skin does not cause the skin to weigh down.
  3. The fabric’s properties allow ventilation to bring some fresh air to the skin’s surface while removing excess moisture from the skin’s surface through the ventilation holes.
  4. The elastic properties of the fabric make it the ultimate comfort piece.

You can get acquainted with the range of products created using this technology HERE. You may also contact us, and we will be happy to introduce you to the technological innovations of MIKI HOUSE!

products with Stetco technology