Why UV protection is necessary for children:

  1. Babies have fragile skin that is too young to produce UV-blocking melanin.
  2. Sunburns can cause allergies, increase risk of skin cancer and eye damage.
  3. Before the age of 18, a person absorbs the largest amount of ultraviolet rays in a lifetime.
  4. UV rays reduce the protective functions of the body.
  5. We want our children to have fun in the sun, therefore they tend to be more exposed to harmful UV rays.

Our products do not undergo special UV-blocking chemical treatment. Instead, our woven/knitted products are made from high-quality fabrics with a high UV-blocking rate. Since this UV-blocking property is not a result of chemical processing, it will not be affected by washing the clothes.

We carry out special tests to determine the amount of UV rays blocked. The UV label is attached to products with the highest level of UV protection (over 80 – 90%).

  1. Hats. Most of our summer hats have a UV protection label.
  2. Other products: Some swimming products, light jackets and ponchos are also labeled with UV protection.

You can get acquainted with the range of products created using this technology HERE. You may also contact us, and we will be happy to introduce you to the technological innovations of MIKI HOUSE!

products with UV CUT TECHNOLOGY