What is zero twist yarn?

Regular cloth is made by twisting cotton fibers which tend to break easily. While the zero-twist yarn is made by a special method from untwisted cotton fibers, MikiHouse has perfected this prosses by carefully selecting extra-long staple cotton.

What are its benefits?

  • The ultra soft fabric delicately touches the baby’s soft skin without harming it.
  • Its high absorbency keeps the skin clean and dry.

How to wash products with untwisted yarn?

Preferably hand washed or in a washing machine using special linen mesh, but we recommend hand washing. When using the washing machine turn the product inside out and use a special linen mesh to avoid deformation of the fibers from friction with other things. Do not use a drier.

You can get acquainted with the range of products created using this technology HERE. You may also contact us and we will be happy to introduce you to the technological innovations of MIKI HOUSE!

products with ZERO TWIST technology